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Poopada Resorts Munnar - A world exists beyond your imaginationIn the vicinity of Munnar, there are several places of interest , Whether you're traveling alone or with a group, you're sure to find an activity that you can venture during your visit to Munnar. The undulating landscape all around are picture perfect and will make the sight seeing tourists revisit to experience the bliss. The manicured tea gardens, the emerald valleys, the rocky mountain slopes, the silvery waterfalls, the gurgling rivulets and the savannas that cover undulating hills all make this piece of earth the Mecca of the sightseer.

As urbanisation has not taken its toll of the bountiful natural environments around Munnar, the nature has gifted mankind with breathtaking surrounding & picturesque locales .The hundreds of endemic varieties of flora and fauna still existing in their pristine wild surroundings beckon the nature photographer

Tea gardens cover the hillocks all around Munnar town and are the most scenic feature of the High Ranges in this area. These are easily accessible and the cultivation and harvesting work going on in the tea gardens can be observed from close proximity. Besides tea and coffee plantations, there are plantations of spices like cardamom, pepper, vanilla, etc., orchards of several fruit trees and farming areas of a variety of vegetables in the vicinity.

The unsullied nature with virgin forestlands and clear lakes and rivulets and steep hillocks with more trodden paths make this part of the world the haven of students of nature. Modernisation has not hampered the periphery of Munnar town and some pockets of colonies far removed from each other. Endemic flora and fauna can be observed and studied in their natural environment, just as they had been for thousands of years.

Footpaths winding along hill slopes with flourishing vegetation all around, cool breezes wafting round the clock and comfortably warm sunlight filtering through the gigantic tree canopies, together with the calls of endemic birds and the sight of colourful butterflies, all make trekking an enchanting experience. The peripheral reward of an unforgettable panoramic view from a hilltop and the refreshing experience of a night out in a tent will add to the unique charm.

Narrow and deep fissures in the hill slopes formed by gushing mountain streams are ideal for river crossing. A flight over the river, gazing at the azure skies above with clouds spread like bits of discarded cotton, is certainly an experience that will be etched in the memory. Adventures like these help a lot in making the tour a rejuvenating event.

Aneimudi peak (2695 mts) the highest peak in India after the Himalayas, Meesapulimala (2640 mts) and Kolukkumala (highest tea gardens) are some of the high-rise areas fit for mountaineering. There are any number of lesser peaks and craggy slopes suitable for rock climbing and mountaineering. The general landscape with hills and valleys interspersed stretching as far as the eyes can see is suitable for all sorts of climbing adventures.

The reservoirs and catchments of hydroelectric projects around Munnar forming placid expanses of crystal clear water invite the tourists to water sports and adventures. Speedboats and large passenger boats, besides small rowing and pedalling boats and skiing facilities have been provided by government agencies.

Wilderness treks of two or three days covering Silent Valley, Meesapulimala, Rodo Valley, Rajamala, Kadalar, etc., with camping in tents and campfires, are being conducted by the Kerala Forest.

Explore the solemnity of Munnar by talking walks or with the use of a bicycle Bicycles are the most eco-friendly health-friendly vehicles for travel in the unsullied natural environments of this well-preserved High Range area. Bicycles can be taken on rent for a nominal payment from several outlets in the town. Cycle around and breathe and take in every bit that nature has to offer in abundance